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If you want to know how your next home purchase or sale can impact the rest of your life – “BINGO!” – then you are in the unique AND right place for a rewarding and fun experience with Savvy + Co’s newest agent Les Harrell and his assistant Bruiser.

Les’ multimillion dollar real estate achievements are founded on his creation of the ‘killer combination’ – offered to all his clients as complimentary amplification to the standard home buying/selling experience.

Exquisite Guidance on Client Needs/Goals + Deep Sales Expertise + Market Condition Trends + Negotiation Tactics + Financial Commentary + VIP Customer Care + A Very Direct Plus/Delta Conversation = The Killer Combination

About Me

Born and raised in historic and lovely Tarboro, NC, I left Tarboro after high school to attend the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill where I majored in Business with an emphasis on Economics. Later on, I attended East Carolina University to earn my MBA (while working and raising three children under 5 years old) and then the University of Southern California for an Advanced Degree in Leadership. Fun fact: I lived in Kansas City three times during my career.

I moved to Charlotte over 10 years ago when I landed the senior leadership role – Vice President of Sales and Customer Care – for a large communications company. At the time, I did not know a single person in Charlotte – it was just me and my Louisiana Catahoula Leopard, Lady Bird, exploring the Queen City.  I turned that period of being alone in an unfamiliar city into a fun adventure discovering Charlotte neighborhood by neighborhood. Lady Bird and I even went a step further and explored and learned the next layer down for each ‘hood – architectural trends, hip hangouts and local hotspots. Yes, I pretty much found all the bars, but I also got to understand the core fabric of our very different neighborhoods, knowledge that will help my Real Estate clients.

As I assessed a bigger step in my career years ago, I elected not to move up a rung in the corporate ladder but instead move to my associates, my love for Charlotte, my passion for interior design and architecture alongside my work mission. Les Harrell Realtor® was born. My “ killer combination” plus vast knowledge and expertise gained leading sale, service, lifecycle customer care, and retention (This skill is used to ensure I am your new lifetime real estate agent!). These experiences will frame your experience.

I’ll do whatever it takes to get the very best deal for my home buyers and TOP dollar for my home sellers.

You’ll see why my hashtag # GetMoreWithLesHarrell” is not just a tagline. It’s my promise.

Let’s consult.

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